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"36" Metodo Classico Abruzzo DOC

The sparkling wine production process (Traditional method or méthode champenoise), is completely performed in the winery.

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Lanciano, on south-east facing vineyards.
GRAPES: Pecorino, Passerina and Cococciola.
TRAINING: Countertrellis and Abruzzo trellis.
SOIL TYPE: Medium-textured clayey.
HARVEST: The harvest period varies depending on the variety. For Pecorino, in late August; while Cococciola and Passerina in mid-September. Only the best selection of these grapes will be harvested by hand to make this wonderful, unusual fizz.
VINIFICATION: Grapes are gently pressed, then only the must with the perfect characteristics is used for the production. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 14-15 ° C.
DEVELOPMENT: In the spring following the harvest, the wine obtained, with the addition, of autochthonous yeasts - selected by our technicians, during a two years long study - is bottled and stocked in the cellar for 36 months. Only after this period of aging on the lees wine manages to express his richness and identity. In the later stage of aging, the bottles are stored horizontally upside down (sur point) for 2 months on trestles (pupitres) on which technicians work a manual daily shaking (remuage), which is essential to bring lees to the top of the bottle, in order to operate the final degorgement and the closure with natural cork.
TASTING NOTES: Bright straw yellow colour with a dense perlàge, thin and persistent. It has a full bouquet, that reminds of the sea, with classic hints of bread crust and amazing, fresh and impetuous white fruit. The palate is elegant, fresh, fruity with good acidity, carved from temperature excursions of nearby Majella Mountain.
PAIRINGS: It is an excellent aperitif, but its complexity makes it a perfect companion of raw fish and seafood dishes such as Sushi or crab soups. It is also incredibly enjoyable with delicate risottos, thanks to the wonderful opposition between the creaminess of the dish and the freshness of this charming bubble.

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